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I live in Ms. and was served in July 2004 for a Providian cc that was assigned to Cavalry Portfolio.(2015.00). The prosess server gave the papers to my 14 year old son.

I answered the summons and requested a copy of the contract and statments. I made a second request for the documents 1n 09/04. In June 2006, I received old Providian statements along with the attorney's motion for a summary judgement. One reason was lack of discover papers being returned that were allegedely mailed in 09/04.

The judge extended 30 days for the attorney to get the papers to me. After the hearing the attorney offered me a deal. If i would go back into the courtroom and sign the judgement he would let me pay $50.00 per month on the account. But he could only do that if I signed the judgement, because Cavalry wanted the judgement. I declined.

I have the discovery questions, and I am stuck. Question 15 wants the name and address of the bank you do business with. I am on my disabled mother account and the only money that goes into it is her social security check.I am unemployed and take care of her.Should I take my name off it?

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