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TransUnion Rules!

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They were each scheduled for various months in the second half of 2008.

I have one that is supposed to fall off this month, right now, and more for 2008.

Not to mention, Equifax and Experian are being a little more resistant. They may need more letters.

I was thinking for the next batch, I'd start the letter off with thanks for speedy and efficient corrections, or something like that, then go for a few more. Is that too much? should I just start the next round as if it's fresh, with no reference to what's already been "corrected?"

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5 out of 5 items removed cleanly and painlessly! No moose' date=' no foose!

Granted, my score only went up 12 points, still . . . must be that dang judgement. But that's okay, it's a great beginning, considering I didn't want to send a letter with 14 dispute items. :)


Congrats on the deletions and the point gain. I just got a tax lien off of EQ and it cost me 20 points. I'm just glad it's gone.

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