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Have 6K to payoff debt, what to pay off in what order?


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I will be coming into 6K and would like to know how to settle and payoff the following in what order to minimize the negative impact to my credit?

Recovering Atty and Sifxpert.... please respond

Account #1:

Creditor = CitiFinancial.

Status = 180 days as of May 2006.

Balance = $2940.

Account #2:

Creditor = CITIBANK/Home Depot Account.

Status = Charge-off in April 2006 at 180 days.

Balance = $2160.00.

Account #3:

Creditor = GAP INC - GE Money Bank (Old Navy Account).

Status = Charged-off in Oct 2005 at 120 days.

Balance = $558.

Account #4

Creditor = WFNNB (Linen's n Things).

BALANCE = $1041

Account #5

Creditor = GE Money Bank(Lowe's Account)

Status = Account Charged-off in Jan 2006 at 150 days.

Balance = $2346.

Account #6

Creditor = Saks, Inc. T

Status = Charge-off

Balance = $1030

Account #7

Creditor = DSNB/Macy's (NP).

Status = 150 days as of Mar 2006.

Balance = $1870

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This isnt really an answer, butI have a question along these lines.

I am under the impression that you cant pay off items that have already been charged off, and it looks like these are all charge offs except 1. Who ever answers this if I am not right please let me know.


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Just want to point out that "charge off" by itself doesn't mean the OC wouldn't be interested in your money. As long as it doesn't say "sold to another lender", it only means they've taken a charge against income for tax purposes. You might be able to negotiate a "pay for delete" or a "paid as agreed" with the OC. (Don't bother talking to a CA..they won't help with the OC's tradeline.)

Of course the downside to this, is your probably need all the agreed on money up front...

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