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Have you actually sued a CA, OC, or CRA?

Have you sued a CA, OC, or CRA?  

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I initiated suit three times now and had two counterclaim suits. Won 2 outright and settled the rest to my advantage. All but one in state court. I am by no means an expert but I know what worked for me... :lol: Believe me when I tell you this, finding like-minded souls on all of the debtor forums on the net helped me immensely when I discovered I was not alone in the bewildering and embarassing world of collections and being sued for debt and I am thankful to all those who helped me. That's why I am here, to try and help others as I was helped.

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Yup. Several times:

American Express: beat their @ss for fraud and false reporting; for trying to hold me accountable for IDTheft account (former employer opened using my ssn).

City of Chicago: clobbered them for trying to collect on bogus citations.

Vintage Properties (landlord): sued and won for false credit reporting and non-pp pulls of reports.

CAMCO: Sued them on behalf of mother-in-law for FDCPA violations (harrassment, fraudulent reporting, false threats of seizure) and for intentional infliction of harm. Mother-in-law later passed away from cancer accellerated by stress caused by CAMCO.

CompuCredit: Sued for FCBA violations and for commercial fraud.

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