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immigration woes in a sense

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OK this is little complicated

I have a ton of debt( about 31 k)

I am well to put it mildly in a lot of trouble paying it back

and at the same time it looks like my immigration lawyer screwed up and I probably will have to leave the country by this november

So what happens now

there is no way I can pay off my debts by then

once I move back to india the exchange rate means i will owe more than i can ever ever hope to repay

Does anyone know of stuff likethis

should i just walk away

or should i call the companies tell them and say that you know I can only pay like 20 cents on the dollar and if not bye I dont care

is it a criminal offense to walk away like this ( I dont want to but INS has its own point of view on this :-) )

What if i go away for say 5 yrs and the statutes pretty much expire and then I come back.

Any opnion( factual preferable :-) ) appreciated


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I'd say you really need to speak to a lawyer in your state. I have no idea if being legally deported counts as criminal fraud concerning your debt or not or how it would impact you coming back to the US at a later date. You being out of the country would probably toll the SOL so coming back to a clean slate is probably not an option. Contact an attorney.

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Guest mikey

why bother...if you are deport, i would be curious if the LONG ARM of the law could stretch that far to India. would this case have any way of reaching that far?

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What repercussions ? Not paying a debt is NOT a criminal offense in this country. Unless it was due to criminal fraud, it's still just civil and INS can't turn it into a criminal offense as far as I know. Foreigners rack up debt here all the time and then just leave and go home or elsewhere.

As far as the SOL.. it will NOT run out. Once you leave the state/country, the SOL is tolled, meaning stopped, and does NOT continue to run -- unless you come back.

Can the chase you for it in India ? .. probably not.

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