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??vacate Judgement Included In Bk??


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I had a business in my name for a few years until my EX ran it into the ground (hence the "EX" part)...when all was said and done I had $370,000.00 (yes, you read that right!) of debt so I had to file personal BK

I had 2 civil judgements (business related) against me in small claims court..

#1 filed 04/04 for $3,194

#2 filed 07/04 for $3,535

I filed Ch 7 BK 06/05, including the 2 judgements, which was discharged 09/05. The judgements are on my CR but do not indicate any reference to being included in the BK. From what I have been reading on the boards I should go to court to file a motion to vacate the judgements since they are not valid since they were included in the BK?? Would I then send that to the CRA's requesting that they be removed?

My goal is to have them removed completely from my CR rather than have them state "included in BK" if I can.


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