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Dr.'s judgement on CR, may be beyond SOL?

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In 2001 I was hit in a car accident. The other guy was at fault. Insurance co. sent me to a physical therapist (not my desire!) and I thought I was done. I received a bill, which should have been paid by the driver at faults IC, with a total of 865.00 with a notation "amount due $0" Pay this amount $0."

I received this bill from the physical therapist for approx. 1-1.5 years (dozens of them-of which I only have a few left) until I called them and asked them to stop sending this "junk" mail. They said sorry, we'll get it straight, but they started coming again. I called once more and they said sorry. NOW what happened next was the bill started to reflect the $865 as being owed. I asked them to please prove it if they had records that I owed them, they said "sure", then changed their tune and said We're sending it to collections! Flash forward 4 years and they have sued me, receiving a defualt judgement because I had to be at a business meeting, had requested a postponement, but the court received it too late. Voila! Judgement against me and now I owe lawyers fees on top of it. I hate writing these people a check. Can anyone offer advice?

Thank you very much!:confused:

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