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DV is not working for me!


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I need advice! I am disputing things for both my husband and myself. I DV'ed some old stuff. One of them is an old phone bill we were hoping would drop off.. They sent us old phones bills back to us saying we owe a balance. My hubby isn't sure if this is his. We have had a problem of a phone being opened up in his name but the person lived at an address we have never lived at... I can't recall us EVER not paying bills like this! Any advice? I need this off! What can we do?

Also, I am irate.. I posted a while back that I KNOW my hubby paid a cable a couple years ago for adelphia cable. I remember him coming home with a yellow receipt. We moved soon after and never thought anything of it. Now he has on his credit a collection. OF course I can't find the receipt. I called asking if we paid it if they'd delete it, since it's really a small amount to mess up our credit. The refuse saying they will only show this as paid.. They say if we paid it then submit the receipt! My hubby thinks he threw it away as he left it in his work car, i remember seeing it in their but don't think I filed it.Argg I am so irritated at both Him AND the company. Anyhoo, I have searched all our boxes and can't find it anywhere.

I DV'ed this and they aren't going to budge. Any ideas? we sure could use it! I am getting frustrated as it seems most everyone has great luck with this process except us. Blessings.

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the cable bill is 2 1/2 years old. I am SO annoyed with my hubby but what can you do! I usually file ALL paid items but didnt grab this outta the car though I saw it. I KNOW he paid this.

For the phone bill, I'll dispute it again, but things keep coming back as verified. Any way to get the delete?

I am open for suggestions. Thanks, Alida

Have you also disputed with the credit reporting agencies? I'd make sure to let them know you dispute the phone bill as "not yours" and possible ID theft. As far as the cable bill-that's a toughie. How old is it?


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I had a problem with Adelphia years ago! I was moving (within the same town) and returned the cable boxes and remotes, etc. because I had disconnected my service between the moves and there was about a month's time in between where I didn't have service with them.

At my new house, I had them come in and put in new service with the updated boxes and everything was fine.

A few years later, I get a letter from a collection agency that they wanted over $200 for the cable boxes - stating I never returned them! Luckily, I had the receipt (though it took me quite a while to find it) showing it - I brought it to the Adelphia office directly, with the collection notice. It took a few months before it finally got straightened out. The thing is, when I had brought Adelphia the old boxes back, they said they were "ancient" and not even used anymore and they actually tossed them in a pile of junk!

I am learning to save everything - I have boxes of old files/statements/receipts in my attic - all labelled by year.

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The dispute/validation process is just that, a process. It is not a magic bullet that kills off CAs or trade lines on credit reports that we don’t like.

If a person truly owes a debt and/or if the information being reported on a bureau report is accurate then the cold hard truth is that you are probably going to have to pay the debt and/or live with the bad trade line until it drops off due to age.

That’s not to say you can’t ever have a victory nor have a short-term success or even a long-term success once in a while but over the long-haul; the only way to have a clean credit history is to not be in debt and to never be late with payments on the obligations you do have.

As far as the Adelphia bill goes you are probably either going to have to pay it again or live with it…if you don’t have the receipt for a cash payment then there isn’t much more you can do. The only other thing I can think of would be if you still have Adelphia service and you schedule a face-to-face with a manager/executive and ask that hey correct their records; if they don’t correct them then move your service. It won’t really “hurt” them but at least you’ll feel better. :)

Your phone bill situation is a bit different and unless you force the matter into court you may just have t live with it as well until it drops off due to age. Most CAs and OCs will believe you if you have some evidence that the bill isn’t yours but if they refuse to believe you, you don’t have many places to go except to court – you’ll have to decide if it’s that important and if you are willing to take on the headache and expense of court action.

A lot of these problems we face as consumers are just a result of the mechanized society we live in today…sometimes it’s outright fraud and sometimes it’s outright evil but more often than not, problems with our accounts/credit histories are due to simple incompetence and errors and we can contribute to the problems if our own record keeping isn’t in good shape.

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