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here's the deal insurance paying:


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I read everybody's replys regarding my medical bill problem. Here is what I found out. I know the original bill was around 5k. I went ahead of time, since the doc knew I had insurance, and had to get -pre approved so to speak since it was plastic surgery, and most carriers dont cover that. They did all the work, and Humana (HMO through work) agreed to the surgery. Around end of Nov. last year i had it preformed, and had to follow up for several visits. My insurance was changed eff. Jan. 1 through work and I no longer have Humana. My PS stated the balance left was roughly 1K, that I was to pay. Since I went "in-network"- I guess he was capped at what he could charge. I also recieved a bill from the Anesthesiologist stating after insurance I owed 525. in which i have been making payments to them. No problems. No collection. I am sure I signed something stating i was liable for what insurance didnt cover since I signed an a$$load of papers. I was just so dang excited that the ins. was going to cover it. I didnt want to jinx it. Anyways here it is a week 1/2 later and the PS still has not cashed my check. I always made pymts. over the phone, since we were pretty much on a first name basis. I would call in, and make a pymt. and that was that. Just this month is when they sent me the nasty gram, stating they wanted the rest of their money. NOW...

I really cant pay them alot, only b/c I DO have other bills, rent, car pymt. water elc. daycare, etc... you get the idea, plus about 10 other medical bills i pay for my daughter. In which the ex is supposed to be helpling but DOES NOT. AND DOES NOT PAY CHILD SUPPORT. Dont even getting me going on the worthless courts. They do nothing.

I just dont want to ruin my credit, after I have worked so darn hard after my BK LAST year. over some stupid medical bill. I know we dont have anything in writing, or i know i dont saying i could make payments, they just told me that b/c i told them i couldnt pay in full. and they acted like that was okay.

It really sucks anyways, b/c the PS botched my surgery, and i need to go and see another PS and dont have the dough. My daughters medical bills have become more priority.

sorry this is so long. It is just gonna tick me off so bad if they send it to collections. I thought that as long as you are paying 'something' they couldnt do that.. Is that not right?


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Guest E. Normis Debtor

They can send it to collections if they choose, though it's unusual for them to do so if you're making regular payments on such a small amount

They should realize that if you don't have the money, probably the best a CA is going to do is get the same payments, minus the CA's percentage, so the PS really ends up getting less. You might point this out to them if they really are threatening to turn it over to collections.

And, no they cannot legally add on the percentage for collection unless the agreement expressly allows a percentage. Such agreements usually state "reasonable or actual costs of collection". The courts have consistantly ruled that relates to actual costs such as phone calls, letters, etc, not a percentage a CA charges.

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