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New entry alert from true credit for existing acct

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I subscribe to True Credit. Yesterday equifax was reporting an alert for a new entry on my report. Turned out it was for a personal loan I had thru a bank that was paid as agreed and is paid off over a year ago. This acct is already listed on my report with the same acct #, but with a different name for the bank. The bank merged with another bank in 1998 and it's name changed. (According to the alert, the new entry has the OLD name for the bank. The new merged name has already been on my report for a while. (Actually, I can't see the new entry the alert talks about on the true credit report yet) Anyway, I can't see where this can hurt me because the acct was paid as agreed and it's got a 0 balance. Now it looks as if I had 2 good accounts instead of one...right? The cra's are reporting one bad acct as if it's 2 on another cc acct I had. The card was lost and the acct was given a new number and Experian fixed it but the other cRA's haven't ,so maybe this will make up for that!!!

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