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Goodwill Letters


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I cannot speak on Sallie-Mae, but I have had success with goodwill letters. I recently submitted one to a cable company that placed my account in collections 3 years ago. I paid the CA in full (after DVing, disputing, etc.). I then emailed the company's VP of my region and got a response the next day! One week later the TL was gone from all three reports!

A few suggestions for your letter:

  • Focus on them as much as much as you focus on your concerns
  • Keep the letter to the point and, of course, respectful
  • Address it to someone HIGH in the chain of command

I used email and it worked great.

Good Luck,


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Student loan tradeline cannot be compared to credit card accounts...they are two totally different types of accounts.

Reaffirming your promise to pay with Sallie Mae holds no water. You stop paying, they just file a claim with your guarantor. They get their money no matter what.

Student loan lenders, servicers and guarantors are required by the DOE to report factually and accurately. That means basically that goodwill letters get tossed. In fact, disputing a tradeline can cause SM to look at your account more closely and a lot of individuals have ended up in a worse position than when they started.

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