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Should I DV even if not reported to CRA?

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I got a letter from IC Systems collecting for Primus Telecommunications.

Firstly, nothing is being reported on any of the 3 CRA's. Neither Primus nor IC is showing up.

Second, do I bother with a DV letter? I actually sent a DV on 6/14/06 and the CMRRR was rec'd 6/19/06. I have not heard squat from these folks.

Do I gig them again with a second DV and copies of the first? Do I really care if they never report to CRA?

Great site BTW!! I love a good fight:)

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Primus is a scam. They have owing over $500's. I told then\m its not my card and its fraud. I never opened a account with them.! I asked them to close the account over 6 months ago, and guess what , anoter bill showed up!. My account was still open. Now its on my credit report and I will be disptuing it!

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