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Oh, no..not garnishment!


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Last October, I was sent a notice of garnishment and a form to contest it. I filled out the form; attached appropriate documents (I was on disability from my job and only making 3/4 of my income.) Never heard back...should have kept up with them, I know...

Was laid off in Feb. 2006. Have been working some temp work and trying to survive on that and unemployment. When I received another notice to garnish, I called the DOE and let them know that I was currently unemployed and that I had contested the first notice. They had already sent an order to my employer--the one I was working for and the temp agency I work for now. 15% is being deducted from what are already reduced and sporadic wages.

I don't know where to begin to clean this up...

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Hi Sky Girl,

When you send in the paperwork again, be sure to ask for hardship relief and be prepared to show your bills and wages to prove to them that you are indeed in hardship.

Get the top management on this and explain that you have been struggling with trying to survive... curious did you ever get any benefits for loss of wages?

If so you will need to arrange some sort of payment even if it is small, because it is a guaranteed student loan meaning they can come after you forever until the loan is paid up... they can also go after your social security checks when you retire or when you become disabled!

It is the mother of the monster collection agency! :shock: So stay sharp on this, the collected daily interest alone is terrible. If you have defaulted on this account you will also need to see about a rehab program and then be turned over to another lender to start fresh!

Hope this helps a bit... stay focused!! :D

Take care


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