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Outrage with American Student Assistance


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I applied for the new grad plus loan through ASA. They pulled my TU report and denied me which is what got me into the forums in the first place.

When I pulled my TU there were two collections that held me up. One was a student loan that I rehabilitated 3 years ago. She said that was fine as it could be easily verified. The next was an NCO collection that I DV and got removed. I called her back and told her the good news. I asked her to re-pull and she said it was against the law to re-pull within 30 days even with my direct permission. The only option was a letter from NCO.

The thing is, I sent an email to the VP of compliance at NCO and it was off three days later. So far, I have not gotten a letter or anything. The last thing I want to do is go over and kick the sleeping lion.

I tried to tell her that these issues were not being reported by EQ and EX. Her condescending reply was, "that is the reason we use TU, the others don’t report properly." xSteaminx

I ended up having my wife cosign rather than get a private loan that could not later be consolidated.

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