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tired of the dv runaround

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my wife had an account we settled for 25 cents on the dollar. the problem is it shows me as a joint (transunion) or co-signer on the card. i have sent 3 dv letters asking for proof that i was ever on the account. i received a letter stating "our records show you were on the account" so thanks for contacting us. i have never been sent proof or anything but this letter. the big 3 have verified it each time.

what should be the next plan of attack. do i have enough to sue.

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You need to determine if you are a "co-obligor" or "joint obligor" on the card, as opposed to a "joint card holder" or "authorized card holder".

If you are a "obligor" type card holder, you are on the hook. If you are a "card holder" type, you can legally tell them to go pound sand down a rat hole!

The distinction of the authorized/joint card holder is that they are allowed to have a card in their own name, but the person who originally applied for the card is on the hook.

If you look close at the CC apps, there is usually a place at the bottom of the form to have a second card issued on someone else's name - the bum on the corner, the neighbors dog, etc. The card issuer will not always come out and tell you that you are not legally obligated to pay if you are a authorized card holder - some will even bend the truth and tell you that you are.

Give 'em hell!! :p

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