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Extremely stupid question, but here goes.....

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I have a 1st premier card and today is the date the payment is scheduled. So I enroll in online payments and make the payment and discover that if I pay after 3:00 p.m. on a Friday then my account is delinquent. I discover this today, Friday at 10 p.m. My question is am I going to get a 30 day late on my CR and am I going to have to pay that ridiculous 25 dollar late fee?

As I said this is a really stupid question cause I should know the answer but I don't know the answer and I am ashamed to ask someone that I do know.


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Hi Elijah77,

I am curious... is the card that you are inquiring about a new card you are waiting for?

Also, is that card that you are waiting for the same card that you paid late on?

If this is the first time you paid late, usually they waive it a a first time customer courtesy like CarolyineBlueEyes said.

And finally... When making online payments always pay in the AM... it seems that the banking online center have different cut off times in the PM... call your online banking center to get the info, you can get the number thru your credit card company on the back of your card.

The online banking centers usually have different policies then the credit card company and they usually have several online payment time cut off times depending on how you pay it on the website.

For example, " pay at another institution" "pay this card" or "pay with a transfer fund", are all different methods that have different times for cut off period.

Last but not least, double check the standard times that these payment cut off periods are listed in.

Also be sure to print it immediately for reciept.

Hope this helps a bit.

Take care


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Elijah, That is what 1st Premier did with my account. They reported before I got the card. Also, don't be worried that they count that time for the 30 day payment period, they don't. My first payment occured 30 days after I called to activate the card. It also seems that 1st Premier is quick to post my payments with the 3 CRA's. So, it is OK that they are reporting this and it IS to your advantage. Don't worry so much!!!:)

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Ok, Thanks. I will still call on Monday to see when i will receive the card. I am waiting on the Orchard card as well. I received an email saying the card was approved and I should be receiving it any day now.

I now have Orchard, First Premier and wall mart to help me with the repair process. My scores are in the low 500 and I have sent off me first set of disputed about 2 weeks ago. I am just waiting to her back from the CRA's

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