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My Last Battle: Disputing w/ Verizon & could use help


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So, I am just about finished polishing what I can polish on my report, and I've got a battle with Verizon that I've saved for last. Here are the details: In 2004 I had broadband internet service with Verizon DSL. When I moved and stopped service, I recieved a box to return the modem. I did return it, although about 2 weeks later than the 30 days they gave me. But, here I am, 2 years later, with a charge for $215 on my Credit Report for the modem. Now, I admit, two years ago I didn't keep immaculate records and send everything certified mail like I do now. And two years ago, I didn't do things on time, or call when I should have. But, the point is, the modem WAS returned. So, that is where I am at.

In late May I received a letter from a CA about the debt. I sent back a letter disputing the debt and haven't heard back from them since.

I also sent a validation letter to Verizon, to the address listed on my CR, and found out the hard way that an OC doesn't have to validate. I received a letter back from Verizon saying, point by point:

1. My letter was a request for debt validation, and that under the FDCPA they are not considered a "debt collector." (lesson learned)

2. In order to receive past bills or itemized charges, to contact my local billing department. On page 2 of my bill.

So, my question is essentially what to do next? I imagine that I send a letter similar to the one that is linked at the top of this board to "Dispute with OC" and ask for a investigation, but I feel 99% confident that there won't be much of an investigation at all, or that even if there is, they'll find that I didn't return the modem (I did, and I'm not trying to scam anyone. But fair is fair). So I'm basically wondering how to take THIS step while preparing for whatever step will come next?

Also, I have no past bill, and certainly not the 2nd page with a local address. So, I imagine that I can continue to send to the address that is listed on my CR?

Sorry for being so long-winded. Everything else that I polished was easy and self explanatory, or easy to research. This has given me some problems. Any help is very greatly appreciated.


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It is kind of like working at a job in which the boss is an [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

You only got two choices...

Same here but there is a third...

1. Fight it and still have an outstanding charge off on your account.

2. Do nothing and still have an outstanding charge off on your account.

3. Pay it off and still have a paid charge off on your account.

Pick your poison. But odds are that if you follow the third, you may be able to cut a deal with them to get some paperwork stating that they will remove that from your credit report. You have to have some sort of documentation instead of taking their word for it.

It is a bit harder to get something removed from your credit report if it is still outstanding and the creditor is determined to keep it on there. For a lot of people, it is actually a bit easier to get a paid negative removed because the creditor doesn't care as much since they got their money and they aren't going to fight as hard for it.

But the big factor here is that your negative item is chump change and I wouldn't want to keep an outstanding charge off on my credit report for chump change. If it was several thousand or more, then that would be a different story.

So is it worth having your credit trashed for chump change and when can get it paid off and start working on things that will build your credit? For a lot of good outfits, an outstanding charge off is a deal killer...

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Hi About That Time,

Curious, did you ever save the paperwork from the modem that they sent you...? Reason is the modem number is on there and in the computer system... HAVE THEM DO AN INVENTORY AGAIN. It their burden to prove you owe this debt. They need to show they do not have the modem serial number...Just M2cents.


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