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TransUnion may rule, but Equifax is both strange and stupid . . .

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I just checked my TrueCredit thingy, and found that my judgement is gone (they had it marked as under dispute, but I haven't disputed it yet, so I thought it was an error while these 30 days were passing) which is pretty awesome.


However, they reinserted something I just got a letter about from the CA stating it's paid and the CA would have it removed from my reports (easy fix with that letter, thank the powers).


And! They corrected my address to one of the addresses I told them was incorrect and got rid of the good one! I just sent them a photocopy of my ID with my proper address, as requested, just so I could get my corrected report, now they have the address screwed up!


WTF? xhitwallx

Well, it's time for the second round soon. Is my mailing them about these mistakes (not the judgement!) going to cut into that? I guess the smart thing would be to correct the CA thing, then start round two, right?

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I dunno.

While I have a good relationship with TU on the whole, I see them getting more and more obstinate all the time. I think because suddenly they're more popular with creditors, they want to be the next Experian. And they're starting to behave that way-- more slow and stubborn.

And in contrast, most of my easy deletes have been with Equifax. "Oh, that account's closed? We'll take care of that for you."

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