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Household Credit Services, SST and TRS request for advise


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This is a link to a pdf file


I am in search of assistance for 3 "challenges" regarding my credit situation. Any of the great wisdom I can get you to share would be most helpful...

1. Household Credit Services (Orchard bank) has me down for a charge-off but it appears that monthly I have been paying "as agreed". I have had some issues and I HAVE NOT been paying them but I am wondering if I should initiate contact with them or await their call? I want to pay but of course for this to be a $400 credit card before I went away has tripled to just over $1200 I am just looking for the right way to play this. Should I call them and work out a payment for this balance or do I go with settlement letters off the bat?

2. SST/Columbus Bank is a card I had with Providian that fell to charge off because of the same reason. (I “went” away for a while.) I have NEVER had any dealings with this bank but Providian Sold to Washington Mutual and then Washington Mutual sent it to Columbus from what I can determine. Again should I approach with settlement on the brain or DV or other?

3. My 3rd challenge is a company called TRS? Has anyone had any dealings with them… they are trying to collect on a debt that is not listed on my credit report. It may or may not be mine and they reference a “Wells Fargo Account” that is or will be very past SOL very soon… I had Well Fargo Card 5-10 years ago… I have not taken any of their calls yet (Answering machine messages and one letter is all I have gathered about them.) Should I DV or do I have to wait until it is posted on my report? I am afraid if I do the wrong thing I will reset the SOL if it is the same card I think it is from way long time ago!

Thanks in advance.

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