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help with letter to CA, their documents are being forwarded to AG, FTC, & BBB


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ok guys, to those familiar with my case it's this one here


now this is the letter that I am sending Presidio/CM that their validation being investigated as a possible forgery and is not acceptable until authenticated by the authorities. excuse the grammar, I guess this will show them that it's more personal and not just a template from a website I will send the letter as soon as I get the green light from you guys

August 8, 2006


101 Crossway Park West

Woodberry, NY 11797

Acct #

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to inform your company Presidio/CM that I have received part of the documents that I requested from your company. Thank you for that, however I was asking for more documents that actually ties me, proves that this debt is mine. For the past weeks I have been revising and checking the documents that your company Presidio/CM sent me. I have come to the conclusion that these documents look like they have been forged. I assume that your company does not have no real documents that attach me to this debt and your company printed out some information on what looks like a regular template from your company. Since I have disputed this account with Experian twice and your company keeps verifying this account I think a Judge will agree with me that your company is in violation of the FCDPA.

I paid this account to a company called Enhanced Recovery Corporation on April of this year. I was supposed to have been sent a letter, stating that this company was trying to collect a debt as required by the FCDPA 809(a)(3) since I never received such letter I never disputed this debt as is my right to do so. Instead I received multiple phone calls from this company, and I have phone records that prove the harassment from this company. On one of those calls that I received from this company said that if I didn’t respond to it, I was going to be taken to court and get sued, that’s when I grabbed the phone and I called, made payment arrangement and had to borrow money from a close friend to pay this debt. I didn’t get a chance to exercise my rights and dispute this debt. I never disputed if they were authorized to collect, the charges, the interest, or if this debt is really mine. I would like to receive information, method on how Enhanced Recovery Corporation or your Company Presidio/CM reached the balanced on this account.

If you take a look at the documents which I am sending you with this letter and you carefully study it, you will see why I have these suspicions. A letter that looks extremely old was sent to me but it was not addressed to me because my name is not on it, nor there is an account number on that letter. The monthly statements, if you notice how the date and other info are not in place, information are not inside the boxes, which a computer will print correctly, inside the box. These are the reasons why I do not believe this account belongs to me, reason why I have been disputing this with the Experian. The documents I received from your company are being forwarded to the Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission and The Attorney General in NYS Elliot Spitzer to support my case, so they will look into it to see if these documents are indeed forged and if there are more cases related to this one in case I will have to take legal actions against your company. This Validation is being investigated as a possible forgery and is not acceptable until authenticated by the authorities.

It would be advisable that you assure that your records are in order before I am forced to take legal action. This is an attempt to correct your records; any information obtained shall be used for that purpose.

Best Regards,


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Revising? That implies you've changed something...is that what you meant?

Other than that...looks good to me.

no, I meant like I checked them, and stuff, I didn't make no changes, I will change that

thanks hinky & willing, now I will send this to Presidio, send the letters to the FTC, AG, & BBB at the same time, so they start talking to each other, in about 5 days after they all have received I will call the CRA to see if PResidio don't respond to the CRA & delete, what do you guys think?

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