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Whats promotion code for myfico.com?

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Does anybody know what the promotion code for myfice.com is? I saw it somewhere in here, but can't remember. I think it was something like fico2005 maybe. Any help would be greatly appreciated plus I need the number for all 3 credit agencies if anyone has that around.

I need to dispute a claim because I just called CC place and they said that they did erase it from my file, but it on all the of my reports the last time I checked.


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This is part of the reason why we mods keep telling people to use the search button. This particular question is asked and answered on an almost weekly basis.

press the search button. click advanced search. in the keyword box, enter fico discount code. What do you see? How does anyone on this site expect to fix their own credit when they cannot even do a simple search?

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