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I am being sued

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I am being sued by a company called NCB from Cinncinati Ohio. the original debt is a Shell gas card. The amount owed is $457. While I am not proud to admit it I have not made a payment on this card since 1999. I need advice. I am a single mom who only brings home 800 every 2 weeks and I can hardly make ends meet now. I looked into bankruptcy and the attorney said I was a good candidate (i have about 12000 in what he called dischargeable debt) but i dont even have the 1500 in fees to pay for the bankruptcy. borrowing from friends and family is not an option. I need to know what will happen and waht i can do. i am the most afraid of garnishments i cant afford that. I just want to be able to feed and support my child. please help

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Can you include more info?

What state do you live in?

Have you already been served?

The "If you're being sued" question link is down, so please do the best you can to include pertinent info. DON'T use your name or other personal information.

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