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How accurate is the Equifax Credit Watch Gold 3 in 1 monitoring?

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I have already been in contact with all three of the CRA's. I have already been disputing items on all three for a month or so now. It has gotten quite confusing with the CRA's updating things and trying to keep track on if it has been corrected yet, etc. I just joined at least for the next 3 months the "Equifax Credit Watch Gold with 3 in 1 monitoring". It puts all three RA's next to each other so I can compare what is being reported etc. Does anyone know how accurate this information is? The reason I ask is I pulled on my own an updated Experian report his morning and I pulled this this 3 in 1 report this afternoon and the Experian report says one thing and the 3 in 1 says another. Now I am wondering which one is correct!! Can anyone shed some light on this??? :confused: Thanks!!

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The 3n1 should be pulling your report from the other 2 bureaus when you request it, so that's interesting that they would be different. can you post what was differentand how it was different? maybe it updated after you pulled EX, and tomorrow if you pull it it would be the same?

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Ok. Here is one Example:

Experian pulled this morning. 8/14/06 (Experian report was showing correctly on 7/26/06 now today it is different)

Wach/Rec Acct # 501.....

Date opened - 8/1998

Reported since- 9/2001

Date of status - 07/2006

Last Reported - 07/2006

$0 balance

Account History: Charge off as of Sep 2001 to Jun 2006. Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on july 31,2006.

Equifax 3 in 1 pulled this afternoon. 8/14/06 (This info is correct)

Wach/Res Acct # 501.....

Date opened - 8/1998

Balance Date - 9/1999

Comments: Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy 7,11,or 12

Experian send me an update on 7/26/06 showing the correct info and when I pulled Experian today it had the above incorrect info! I sure would like to think the 3 in 1 has the correct info.

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