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People may not be responding because your question can be answered with a simple search. There are tons of threads that address MOVs. No disrespect intended, but others aren't going to jump on a question that you can find the answer to yourself with minimal work. A lesson I have learned and you must as well.

That being said...

Forget about MOVs. They are virtually worthless. A request for the method of verification from a CRA will undoubtedly yield nothing more than a form letter response that they "checked it out"...as I said worthless, IMO. Its like asking a magician how he pulled the rabbit out of his hat. He may give you an answer, but he'll reveal nothing!

Also, be careful disputing otherwise good standing TLs because of a late payment...especially 2 years ago! There are horror stories on here where an entire, score-boosting TL was deleted completely because of a dispute that wasn't affecting things as badly as they thought!

Just some advice...

I hope that helps and good luck! :)


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