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It's been a while since I have posted, but I figured where better to ask than here.

I have an account with Providian that was charged off and subsequently picked up by Arrow Financial Services. After DV, I noticed that the record fell off of Experian, but remained on TransUnion and Equifax under Arrow Financial. But - at the same time, all references to Providian are listed under all three credit bureaus.

I received a letter from Capital Management dated 12 June stating that they are taking over the account, and of course, they are wanting me to pay. I did the initial DV with a letter dated 10 July and received the green card back with a receipt date of 13 July. Here it is 14 Aug and I have not heard anything. I am crossing my fingers that I do not receive anything from them in the next two days, or I am going to send the below follow-up letter:

Dear Capital Management Services, Inc.

This letter is formal notice that you have failed to respond to my dispute letter dated 30 June 2006. I sent this letter registered mail 10 July, and have enclosed a copy of the return receipt which your office signed for on 13 July 2006.

As you are well aware, Federal law requires you to respond within 30 days. It has now been over that period since your receipt of my letter. As you are no doubt aware, failure to comply with Federal regulations by credit reporting agencies are in serious violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and may be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission. Obviously, I am maintaining detailed records of all my correspondence with you.

I have included a copy of my original request, the dated receipt of your reception of the original letter, and a copy of the proof verifying the incorrectness of the credit item that has been mistakenly placed on my records.

The following information therefore needs to be deleted from my credit report with 30 days of receipt of this letter:

Arrow Financial - Account #123456

Providian - Account # 123456

I am also sending this record and initial correspondence to your office and to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

My questions are:

1) Do I really need to send to the "Big 3" as well?

2) Can Capital Management tell Arrow Financial to remove all references from my credit report?

3) How can I ensure that everything is removed since Capital Management did not properly respond within the 30 days from receipt of my DV letter?

4) Am I missing anything?

As always, thanks! It is much appreciated.

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Thanks for the response. I never did receive anything, so I am focusing my attention towards Arrow now.

Is there anything that I can state, other than "please" to get them to remove this since they hired Capital Management to resolve this debt, but Capial Management never did validate that this debt truly belongs to me?

The same account number listed on the notice I received from Capital Management is referenced on my credit report for Arrow Financial.

Thanks, all.

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