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Please Help: Request For Validation and steps taken after


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Sorry in advance if a lot of this has been asked already. But any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

My FH has one collection and one charge off on his CR that he has no idea what they are for. So we are trying to get them taken off. We ordered his CR from the 3 bureaus and are fighting the negative items. Now the collection agency Financial Recovery Services Inc (aka LVNV Funding LLC I believe) has started sending collection notices. I am in the process or writing them a Request for Validation. Once I've written this can I fax it to them along with sending them a copy in the mail (certified mail that is)?

What steps do we take next? Wait 30 days and then if we don't hear from them then what? If we do hear from them but they didn't validate?

At what point to we go to small claims court?

Thanks so much in advance. We are getting ready to buy a house and need this stuff taken care of.

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Yes, send your DV letter to the collection agency.

You'll also want to dispute the negative entries on your credit report with the respective CRA's. You can do this online.

Once that is done, you'll need to wait 30 days or so and see what kind of response you get. In the meantime, don't allow yourself to talk a collector on the phone. Restrict all your correspondence to writing.

It's a bit early to worry about court. Just see how the DV process goes first.

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