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letters sent to BBB, AG, FTC & I need your guys ok


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I will be sending this letter to all the AG, FTC, & BBB what you guys think?>

August 15th 2006

Office Of The Attorney General

120 Broadway, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10271-0332

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to file a complaint against Asset Acceptance LLC. This company is reporting a debt on my credit report without the authority to do so. I have disputed this debt with TransUnion, and Experian and each time I have done so, Asset Acceptance has verified this debt. I contacted Asset Acceptance LLC and asked to validate this debt since I was supposed to have been sent a letter, stating that this company was trying to collect a debt as required by the FCDPA 809(a)(3) since I never received such letter I never disputed this debt as is my right to do so. This is clearly a violation of the FCDPA.

I didn’t get a chance to exercise my rights by disputing this debt. I never disputed if they were authorized to collect this debt, the charges, the interest, or if this debt is really mine. I sent them a Debt Validation letter on June 1st, 2006, so they could validate this debt. They sent me a computer print out, which I am including in this letter. I then sent them a second letter, explaining to them that the letter they sent me was not a proper debt validation, and that they needed to send me more documents to prove that this debt belongs to me. A contract signed by me, or a form of payment to this account that I had made. I will send a third letter to Asset Acceptance letting them know that I am filing a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission, explaining the reason why I was filing this complaint. After my second letter sent to them on June 26th I have not heard from them but yet they keep verifying without proper debt validation.

Yours sincerely,



1- ) Attorney General Complaint Letter

2- ) 1st Debt Validation Letter

3- ) Asset Acceptance Response Letter

4- ) 2nd Letter, Response to Letter they sent me

5- ) Copy of my Experian Credit Report

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