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NCO and lots of mail


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NCO Ceo Michael Barrist, along with other investors is buying out the company. What this means is that it will go from a publicly traded company (one where people buy stock in it) to a privately held company. I have tried to figure why Mr Barrist would spend so much money to buy up the stock and make the company a private company. My best guess is that a private company dosen't have to disclose where all it's money comes from to the SEC (annual reports, 10-k & 8-k filings, etc) and to shareholders so it's easier to hid shady activities (not that NCO ever would do anything shady :?

Now, about the privacy disclosures, basically the company is changing ownership, so that may be why all the disclosures. Don't know this for a fact, it's just an educated guess.

Curious if anyone has any inside info on this. I too am dealing with Nations' Crappiest Organization (NCO).

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