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Northland Group Dunning Letter SOL & Other Stuff


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Reading thru the threads I didn't find an answer to my latest dilema.

Northland Group sent a dunning letter to my parents house. I lived there for a short while back in 1999 2000. My mom just gave it to me today as I only see her about once a month or so. The envelope is postmarked July 07, so I'm outside of the 30 days to DV.

Now... this debt they are trying to collect on is SOL. It was a debt that I thought was paid when I was divorced back in 1999. It's not on my recent credit reports. It was only for $425.xx and of course now they want

double that amount. I asked the ex about this and he couldn't remember anything about this particular debt.

I do know that these guys are listed on edcombs, so I'll assume they're trash collectors. I do believe that these collectors have plotted to come after me at the same time....:shock:

They sent it to the wrong address, I've just received it outside of 30 days, it's outside SOL, so what am I to do?

Thanks for any input!

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Guest E. Normis Debtor

Because they could live in a state like Ohio which has a 15 year SOL on credit cards which will outlive the reporting period.

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Thanks. Called them and they said it was for a Montgomery ward bill that LVNV had (and I had deleted).

I told them I was going to dispute. Their response - if you dispute, someone else (other CA) will just get this account.

So obviously they won't even bother to validate.

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First off Never ever ignore you could end up being served and wasting time and money on a very old debt (probably not for this amount ) but all rules still apply never ignore......

send the C&D letter there's a guide on this site and also do some research to be absolutely certain that this is out of SOL. Assume you could be sued. and arm yourself with the info you need for a positive defense, you probably have a common problem of divorced couples, You've thrown everything out (including old records) to begin life anew, so now you could need info to prove this debt is beyond SOL , Run a three agency Credit report to make sure this doesn't show up under the original creditor anymore print that out and save it

I usually hit CA's with a Quadruple whammy

I tell them to Validate the debt

Prove you are licensed and operating legally in (your state here)

Prove it's not out of SOL (CO is 6 yrs but the statutes make it look like 3)

then C&D

No CA has picked themselves up from this and continued on

Even on debt's with a year left on the SOL they all will pass rather than do the work (this has worked like 10 times already) sure they pass it on(re sell it) but now a couple of debts have gone beyond SOL I'm still keeping all records just in case

Always act agressively with these people they're used to people running scared and pass on a collection that will take effort, bottom feeders all the way

Good luck

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The debt doesn't show up on any of my reports. I'm assuming it's safe to say it's gone. My mom called me today and told me that they sent another letter. Apparently Northland Group works under the Capital 1 collections subsidiary (which blows my mind that a cc buys bad debt for collections). The debt was a Cap 1 account. This letter was sent on Cap 1 collections stationary w/ Northland's information.

So...I'm still wondering if I should C/D or what considering they haven't technically found me. The mail is going to my parent's address. If it's past SOL I guess it doesn't matter considering action cannot be taken (?). Should I volunteer my information by sending them correspondence?

thanks again!

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