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Hi Recovering Attorney I sent this as a PM msg on 8/14/06 wondering if my PM got lost in the shuffle?...:D I really need to get advise on this as I am kinda worried here...

Hi Recovering Attorney, Willingtocope advised me to send this question in your direction...

I received a bill from an attorney I hired. His billing did not agree with me...Last month I got the final bill with a threat of wage garnishment, etc, so I called the Bar board of overseers for attorneys. The attorney there said I had a right to dispute it but it took me over 3 months to find this guy and the right info...

I followed his advise and he said the dispute letter will help me bec if he sues me for not paying his bill, I will be able to countersue him... I have told the attorney that I was willing to pay him immediately for his services that I requested. He tacked on other services that deemed inappropriate. The Bar attorney agreed with me and stated why the bill appeared inappropriate. :evil:

The question here is ...he has not replied to my letter... I am wondering what the heck he is up to...???:<img src=:'>

Should I send the correct payment or wait and see?

Take care.


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