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southwestern Bell bill


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Did a lot of research on the search button this is what I got as close as I could about Southwestern Bell Company thru Arrow Financial Services which is now being through U BAY AREA(another collection agency) that works for Arrow.




Send them a paid deletion letter get it signed and them pay them off.

Credit Mngmt Inc / SouthwesternBell / $265 / 7/03

This one you should get a paid deletion letter signed and them pay them off. You you can't find them or contact them, then dispute the debt with the credit bureau, it should dropoff your credit - remember you have only 30 days from the date of your credit report to DV the debt, you have 60 days to dispute it with the credit bureaus. :Quote from Radio Guy 4/05


Is this still effective or is there a newer strategy now with this OC?:confused:

Here is the kicker I already paid them as I did not realize I owed a bill from them. Now the debt is $100 more then what they asked for when I sent them the check for $34 with the understanding that it was paid as agreed for the outstanding bill when I moved. The bill originated in AR. I moved to MA in 6/03. I paid the bill either Dec 03 or Jan 04. Thought that was the end of that. Now it is on my CR with just the Arrow no info to OC that's was why I had no clue to it.

I had to call thru ip-relay.com to get this text and printed conversation info from Arrow. Interesting enough they stated they did not have a nbr for me to call SWB main nbr to find out why this new bill exits.

I will have to dig out that old bill which will take several days since I moved again to a cheaper apt... what fun this is!:evil:


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Hi LadynRed,

My answers are in green.

Have you DV'd Arrow ??

I just found out on my Credit denial from the CU last week. I never got a dunning letter from them or any other CA. The debt is for 134 dollars.

Who did you make payment too originally and when ?

I paid a check for $34 directly to Southwestern Bell when I talked with them over the relay with the last balance info. I think it was paid either in Dec 2003 or Jan 2004. I also had a hard time reaching them because the number I had when I lived in AR would not work in MA.

Do you have proof ?

I am searching for the canceled check now.

Thanks for your reply!!!


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