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your thoughts on this letter to settle...


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I have offered a settlement to a mortgage holder on a mobile home. The payoff amount is $5164 and some odd cents. The person I spoke with said they think they could accept that offer but were waiting on results from the appraiser, and she would get back to me. Well, she called last week and told me to write a letter and send it in and she would give to whoever she has to to get approval, but she thought there wouldn't be a problem.

see below..


147 some place

some town, usa

acct # 111111

Atten: you know who;

This letter is in reference to the above account. As we discussed, I am offering a settlement based on the value of the mobile home in the amount of $4000.00. (Four thousand dollars and no cents.) I also request a letter in return stating that the title will be released no later than 7 days after receipt of funds. And I would like that all reference to this account be completely deleted from all 3 credit bureaus as soon as funds are received. I am sending this letter CRRR, so I know that it has been received. As soon as I receive your agreement in writing, I will send cashiers check.

Thank you

Me :p

----should I make any changes or send letter like it is?? This mobile home is a 1991 ,14x52 2b1ba way way late pymts (wondering why, but thankful not repoed!!) Not is my name , dont ask me how its not but I guess it has changed lenders so many times the only reference they have on me is my maiden name and no SS#.. (I have asked them...)

Thanks for responses...

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