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OC account not mine, OC updates with MY info and re-reports?

Guest Gee9

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To make a long story short, BoA/MBNA recently sent me a letter about an account that is not mine. I have proof that the name is wrong, the address is wrong, the DOB is wrong and the phone nubmer is wrong. They insisted that the account is mine becauase they have my SS# on it,...but nothing esle is correct.

Stupidly, in my effort to convince them that this is not my account, I told them my name, address, phone number and DOB when I called.

That day, I then disputed it with all three CRA's and the account was deleted from all three.

NOW, the account is back on all three, but under a different account # and when I disputed again, it came back verified!

I'm assuming that BoA/MBNA just updated thier computer with my current info when I called them!

So far, I haven't heard anything from a collection agency, attorney or BoA/MBNA. But I'm sure it is only a matter of time.

Is what they did legal? thanks

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