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Quick Question on Time Limit

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I sent a collection agency's law firm a DV letter.

How long after receiving the letter do they have to respond?

I know they are not supposed to continue to try and collect until they've validated but is there a required response time? I read somewhere they have 5 days, someone else said they had 30, and yet another resource said there is no time requirement. I believe the latter is correct.

I'm thinking if I hear nothing back I should send them another letter within the 30 response period requesting the same validation info.

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There is no time limit for a CA to respond to a DV. They are required to mark "in dispute" any trade line (TL) they may have put on your credit reports, and, I beleive they have 30-45 days to do that. They are prohibited by the FDCPA from any further collection activity until they do respond...however, there's nothing to force them TO respond.

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