Anyone offering paid help from this board is doing so without our blessing

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It's come to our attention that one or more members are solicting people off of this board by offering paid services for settling debts for you. It is against the policy of this site for ANYONE to sell any member of this site debt settlement/negotiation/consolidation services for ANY reason. If this is happening, it is being done without our blessing. Please contact me via PM if someone makes you this offer.


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Is this person a lawyer? If not, they may be engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. In my opinion, taking payment to negotiate a settlement of another person's debt sounds a lot like lawyer work.

Now, I sometimes list my credit card defense website at the bottom of my posts, but I am not making anyone any offers to settle their credit card debts. I am an attorney who represents people who have been sued in Texas on bogus or stale credit card debts. I don't seek to settle these debts. I seek to get them dismissed and often countersue for FDCPA damages and attorney's fees. If we do well, my clients end up getting all of their attorney's fees back, their case dismissed, and they may even end up receiving a payment of $1,000 in damages.

This is a small part of my practice, but it is something I believe in. Do I charge for my services? Yes, of course, I have to, otherwise I will go out of business. But I don't contact anyone here to ask them to hire me. If someone in Texas sees what I am doing and wants to contact me about hiring me to defend them, then I will be glad to talk to them. Otherwise, all I do here is answer people's questions from time to time.

I do often tell people here that they should consult a lawyer. I say this because these people are asking legal questions that in my opinion reveal that they need a lawyer and are getting in over their heads, and I have seen a number of pro se defendants botch their defenses. I have come in and rescued people by taking over their cases at that point, but it is not easy, and it costs them more than if they had hired me at the beginning.

I don't make this recommendation to see a lawyer get people here to hire me. Usually, people in this forum are out of state, so I could not represent them even if I wanted to.

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Wow. You responded to a 2 year old sticky. A little self promotion?

Self promotion?:hmmmmm: More like sound advice, in my opinion! Not everyone has the time, or capability to represent themself in court. A consultation with a lawyer is always recommended when dealing with a lawsuit, whether or not someone retains said attorney or not. Sure, there are many of us who can do wonderfully in court as Pro Se, but unfortunetly, I believe that are many more people in need of legal representation. If more consumers reached out to lawyers, such as the one's who are members of NACA, they would likely end up with better results.

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