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Credit Bueraus Say Debt Validated~But It Wasn't

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I asked for DV of a debt that I am not sure is really mine. The JDB did not show proof that it was my debt nor that they had the right to collect money from me. I reported that to the credit bureaus. EQ and EX both said the debt was validated and mine. They did not remove name of the JDB or their balance. The fall-off date was changed by two months and two years..(SOL was Sept 2003-fall off 2010, now it is stated fall off date is November 2012)

This is what I am going to do now. I am writing the credit bureaus, again, and telling them they must remove the JDB's report because it has not been proven as my debt or that the JDB has ownership. I am also going to tell the credit bureaus that I am sending a copy of my letter to the state attorney general.

Is there anything else I need to do?

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Already responded in your other thread. Please only post your question in one thread, otherwise it gets confusing. You're getting your abbreviations mixed up, I think. Sounds like the CRAs have told you that the TLs have been 'verified,' not 'validated.'

OH OK> I verified is what I meant.


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So what you are really saying is you are validating and verifying my question.

o are you validating the validity of my question:confused:

Just yanking your chain..

So if the CB (equifax, trans and transunion) returns with this:

We have researched the credit account. The results are:

That balance of this item has been updated. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. (But the DV was never returned to me from the junk credit buying company Asset Acceptance that I disputed with them and the CB)

What has taken place? What are my next steps if I did it within the time frame of 30 days, certified and recently sent my second request insisting it be removed or I take legal action.

thanks.. this is all new to me.

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I did and am going after Asset, this is the 2nd letter.

First was DV and C&D. The letter I sent certified three days ago was

take it off my report or I will file suite.

Plus, the C&D letter stated no contact with me/they validated with CB (equifax etc.. is that the right acronym?) and that is a violation they did not validate with me as requested in 30 days. They signed for the letters...

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I used a modified letter provided in this forum.

I did not send them a C&D letter alone, I requested during validation to not phone my work, home etc....

It was timely and I am determined to have this cleaned up by 2007.

I am determined to be a good example to my children. I think poor credit is a cycle. I was raised by a divorce parent that ended up placing me in my grandparents care. They were older and first generation here.

Nobody taught me how to build up good credit. I have done this with my children but realized I did not know enough.But I am educating myself

and I am going to have a credit score of "my goal" 780 soon. If not better..and I will take this as a ministry to teach people about credit, how to have it, keep it, deal with it, correct it.. I plan to use this as a weapon against all the times I sat and worried, anxiety over not have a way to dig out of a hole with four kids by myself.

I am determined..

I will get off my soap box now.. I was speaking more to myself than anyone else.

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Experian just responded to my account


Account Number: creditor name -- Outcome: Updated

Account Number: 57709xxxxx.... Outcome: Remains

Neither of these Junk Credit people validated my DV request that I sent certified. I waited 15 days sent them a certified letter to remove it.

Now do I send the copies to Experian of the two sets of letters and the certified green cards?

This account was opened in 2000

now they say this:

Date Opened:


Reported Since:


Date of Status:


Last Reported:


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