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BK 13 advanced child support question LadyNRed?


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If I file a BK 13, and child support arrearages are already included in my court order to be paid at a certain rate per month, then would the arrearages end up getting restructured through BK 13? Could I keep the court order going? The reason is I don't want to be in arrears for 5 years on a BK 13 plan and have to deal with getting my license suspended over and over all the while etc.

I have heard horror stories of folks child support going up through BK 13, because of a scenario like this, but I am not exactly sure why that would be, or if it would apply to me.

Also does child support still get payed through the State Disbursment Unit in my "home" state or does it go to the trustee etc?

Thanks for all!

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