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Damages under FCRA?


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OK over on the main page under debt validation it says that reporting to the CRAs after a CA can't verify to you is a violation of the FCRA. i.e. $1k each instance.

OK which specific section. The FCRA is not the easiest thing to read in my experience.

Also I can't get the main page to load properly right now which is not helping.


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Ah - that's better

"So, if a creditor can't verify a debt:

They are not allowed to collect the debt,

They are not allowed to contact you about the debt, and

They are also not allowed to report it under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Doing so is a violation of the FCRA, and the FCRA states that you can sue for $1,000 in damages for any violation of the Act.


I'm trying to clarify that last sentence.

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