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SOL For Prev-Defaulted SLs, Rehabed, Now Consolidated??


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I have 10 SLs that went into default. The open dates range from 1999 to 2003. Since I was in school until 2003, they didn't go into default until mid-2004? I was contacted weeks after I got a government job and I started the rehab process (July 2005). I have now rehabbed them and they have been purchased by a consolidation lender.

Unfortunately, my original lender still has 10 negative accounts in my credit report. The CAs that rehabbed me have all deleted their info, but the original has not.

Here is one of my listings.

Date Opened:11/1999

Reported Since:06/2004

Date of Status: 01/2005

Monthly Payment: $0

Last Reported: 01/2005

So what date do I use for the SOL? I ask here because these SL accounts seem to be a little different than medical and CC accounts.

I'm guessing I use the 06/2004 date to start the 7-year reporting time, yes?


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