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Unauthorized Inquiries


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I noticed that on my EQ, the only inquiries that I have are from two companies called:


500 Bi County Blvd

Farmingdale, NY 117353988


5 Bank St

Walden, NY 125861205

I've researched these companies and the first is a "Bankruptcy Attorney" and the other I can find no information on whatsoever except that an attorney by the name of Kenneth Johnson has (or had at one time) and office at that address listed. Looking up the name in New York State's corporate database, I do see that Research Group of Orange County is an active corporation, but it doesn't list anything else about it. There is no registered agent listed.

These inquiries are about 1 and 1 1/2 years old respectively. I have heard nothing from either of these companies. I have no idea why they would want to pull my credit report.

Should I do anything about them?

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If they are that old, then it doesn't impact your score much. If they start showing up on a regular basis, then it is a problem.

It wasn't my score so much that I was worried about. It concerns me that while I'm working hard to repair/rebuild my credit, attorneys have been checking up on me.

Also, I have applied for several credit cards recently and so have added about 4 additional inquiries and would like to keep the total number down, but that's not my biggest concern at the moment. It is finding out why attorneys would want to be checking up on me.

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Foster & Garbus is a big collection firm. They do a lot of foreclosures and a lot of collections for Citi. So, an account of yours may have been referred to them

Is it odd that the inquiry was made 10/18/05 and I have heard nothing from them at all? Should I be worried about an inquiry from them?

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