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How to pull new report with PrivacyGaurd?


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I signed-up for the $1 two-month trial with PrivacyGaurd and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to update my report every 24 hours like others say is possible. I've looked everywhere for the option and cannot find it. My report date still shows the day that I signed up. What am I doing wrong?

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I tried to use TrueCredit and they wanted me to validate some personal info on the phone because I was having issues logging in. ( I'm a computer programmer so it was something on their end :)

It ended up they asked if I ever lived at a specific address and other info.

It appeared that someone tried to pull my free annual credit report once

online user login name was strange something I would have never picked and a previous address was wrong. They told me that I would never be able to pull my report online any longer.

I spoke to a rep about faxing my proper info etc.. this is very inconvenient for me.. and I would prefer to do things electronically and if I decided to get all three at once I am unable to do that.

They also suggested putting a false id report out that someone tried to access it but I didn't do anything like that until I invested more time on what harm that could do me or good. I don't ever recall pulling my report from there with that false in, address I never lived at and it was a time that I was going through a divorce so my ex could have but I don't want to do anything about it because nothing was opened that wasn't mine.

Anyone ever have issues like this?


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