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Calling after DV was sent

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Looking (but with one eye right now its hard to read)

I have a JDB lawyer who is calling and calling and calling and was sent a DV over a week ago.. they have not provided anything but were told to stop until something was sent to validate the debt..

I KNOW there is a Fed statute regarding this someplace..anyone know, where and what it is... I am this close to using it (this is NCO- Mann Bracken), they are breaking a law here and I am frankly tired of them.. the debt is out of SOL to start with and they were told that as well (in the letter) They have called six times today.. I am trying to recover from surgery.. I have had enough. thanks for the help!!

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The dv was within three days of recieving the first dunning letter... so it was timely and signed for.

I know they can still report (they have already re-aged my credit report, (NCO) which is another matter) I just am tired of the constant calls, which usually would not bother me but 6 within 7 hours.. its a bit excessive.''

They are threatening a suit.. on a debt which is out of SOL... so we have a few things going on...

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