OK, I'm dumb...who reports "secured"

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Here's a little sticky from my notes about National City. Some of the information may be out of date.

1) They're a prime bank.

2) Min deposit is $250; max is $2500. Takes about a month to get from time they cash your check and pull your credit.

3) Annual fee is $36 billed as $3/month.

4) Reports as unsecured to all three CRAs.

5) They do convert some people, however, you'd have to qualify for their regular card at time of conversion AND apparently they'll open this as a new tradeline. They are picky, though, so don't expect it unless your scores are above average (720) when you ask.

6) They won't approve someone actually in BK, but they do approve almost everyone else (I haven't heard of anyone being declined). This is in marked contrast to Wells Fargo and Bank of America, whose secured cards are fairly hard to get.

You have to call for an application. Phone # is 800-762-0974.

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Who actually reports that it's a secured card? I wasn't aware they did that. Anyone else? I have Orchard, but haven't checked my CR's lately to see how it reports.

Edited to include: I just looked up Orchard's "Facts and Questions" and it specifically states, "Only you and Orchard Bank Mastercard will know the card is secured." If you want to check it out, there is a link at the top of the forum. I like mine a lot so far. I sent in 200.00 and got it within a couple weeks. The only issue was I had a fraud alert on my CR's, but all I made sure to do was call the offices directly and answer their questions they had.


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