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I just found this link in another thread in this forum: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?autocom=creditpulls

and also: http://whogavemecredit.com/index.php?page=search.php&srch=score

I did a search for a credit score and also my state (but you don't have to include your state) and it gave some helpful info.

I think you can always get a secured credit card no matter what your score is though. But someone more knowledgeable will hopefully reply and let you know. :)

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I think sometimes it's more than just what your FICO score is as far as whether or not you'll be approved for a CC. It's recent lates on other accts, collections, etc. It seemed to me though, that a good rate for approval for an unsecured card was in the early 600's+ I got my dh approved for his chevron card, Cap One, HSBC with that FICO score. I'd have to check those old records, but I thought it was 627 with a variance up to 647 I think-or some such thing???

At any rate, here is a post that may prove helpful for you:


And you may want to do some searching to, I once found a site that actually posted needed scores AND which credit bureau's each CC company researched--wish I'd saved it to my fave's! Than again, it isn't a sure thing that that's who they'd always research to.

Good luck. Just be very careful and really check out the company first before you apply--IMHO, it isn't worth the ding to your credit unless you know you'll qualify. Also, you don't want to end up doing business with a company that will only profit off of your further misery. If the fees/rates seem outrageous, you may want to forego it for now..the last thing you want is any FURTHER credit issues. Those are my thoughts.


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For my first "real" cards, I was in the low 600s, but I got them up there in part with a secured card from National City, partially-secured cards from BofA, and store cards from Target, WFNNB, and Chevron. I also had several small (and some fairly old) unsecured cards that I wouldn't recommend.

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