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Verify, but don't validate

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Please tell me if I understand this correctly -

Verify means "Yup! That's the right info."

Validate means "Yup! That's the right info. Here's some documentation to back it up."

I have seen Experian's notification of investigation results sometimes include language "This creditor has verified to equifax that the prior paying history is being reported correctly. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item." I assume that this means:

1. I screwed up and disputed the payment history without first checking to see if they have the records going that far back. Should have disputed as "not mine"

2. They didn't just verify, they validated.

Is that correct?

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No. There is really no difference legally between the words verificaiton and validation. However, we use the words differently here, so people will understand one vs. the other.

1 Verification- what a furnisher provides to the CRA

2 Validation- what a CA provides to a consumer upon receipt of a DV, that establishes that the CA is dunning the correct debtor, is collecting the correct amount, and has the right to collect.

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