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Anything I can do?


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I was in a motorcyle accident in July 2004 when I was 20.

I was taken to the first hospital at 11:50pm. At 12 am I was air lifted to a different hospital.

The following day I applied for AXXIS (health insurance for those who don't have it). They paid close to $100,000. I thought this covered everything. I then began recieving notices in the mail that I owed the other hospital $6800. AXXIS only covered 12am and on at the other hospital. I was never told this when signing up for the papers, or that I had to sign up for two days.

As of March 06, there is a judgement on my credit. How am I to pay it off? I'm a full time college student and don't have that kind of money. I also cant take out a loan at the bank because of the mark on my credit. I've been told not to pay monthly payments to the credit agency because they will tack on interest. I've also been told to see a legal aid. I don't want them to garnish wages or affect my student loans.

Any advice? What can I do to get this over with?



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