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Another Delete!

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So a company called Plaza Associates showed up on my CR. I disputed with the CRA's, and it came back verified. This is for a T-Mobile account that I have never held, and they are reporting an address I have never had.

I sent a DV more than likely after the original dunning, but I wouldnt know because I never recieved it.

9 days after their receipt of the DV, it disappeared from TU and Exp!!!!

It is currently under dispute with equifax, but I anticipate that falling off soon.

I now have to battle Asset in regards to an HSBC account that I have never held. They had a DV sent to them after I recieved a dunning, and then I disputed with the CRA's. I am wondering how this is going to play out.

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It sounds a lot like ID theft to me and you may want to report it as such to the FTC immediately. You also may want to consider placing a 90 day fraud alert on your credit file. Make sure the CORRECT addresses are on your credit reports to. Asset may be a bit harder, but if this truly wasn't your account I'm sure there's a way to prove it. Like I said though, if you run into problems you may want to consider filing that fraud alert. That's what I had to do--only because they (AT&T Wireless/Palisades collection) didn't believe me when I told them I didn't authorize the cell acct. Good luck.


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