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I made a post about this a few weeks's the update...

As some of you may know, I have gotten most of my credit straightened out (or as much as a I can until 2 items fall off).

So I was shocked when I got a letter from a collection agency a few weeks ago regarding a Comcast cable account. I have been paying them every cable has not been shut I knew it was some sort of error.

I initially called Comcast. No one seemed to know what was going on.

I got the mini miranda from the collection agency.

I called Comcast again...and talked to a supervisor who found the problem. We moved in town a few months ago and had our cable services transferred. However, the nitwits at Comcast never cancelled our old cable account.

Comcast found the records where we called to have the account transferred and I have a document for the new set-up that specifically states "transfer of service".

So I DV the collection agency. Citing that this was due to Comast's error and included a C&D. (sent CMRR of course)

I know to check my CR in about 15 days to see if it is still listed.

What else should I be doing? CT has a Dept of Banking # that you can call to file complaints against collection agencies. Should I take that route or just continue to monitor my CR and wait to see what happens?

Since Comcast erroneously turned this account over to a collection agency aren't they accountable for that?

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Regardless, if they were attempting to collect on a false debt and reporting on your credit files I would imagine SOMEONE is accountable because harm was done to your credit files during that time.

What has Comcast said about this? Have they offered any compensation? If it were me, I'd probably file some complaints if they weren't even saying sorry and responding appropriately.

I had issues with Comcast when they first bought out our AT&T cable we had years back...and they handled it fairly good so I didn't push it. Basically, there'd been a free trial and it was left on there and I kept getting I closed the acct and refused to pay the charges which they sent to collections. I disputed with them directly, explained the issue--and not only did they zero out my balance, but they removed all negative listings from my credit files and apologized, asking me to come back to Comcast (we'd gone to Dish). This was about 2 yrs back. We've only recently gone back to them and have been extremely happy w/ their services so far.

And yes, it jolly well better be OFF your CR's otherwise you got some violation issues.

Maybe someone else will have some better ideas, but those are my initial thoughts.


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Yeah Those were my thoughts Elyse!

Well, I'll be d***, thanks to what I have learned from all of you, I DV'd them. The CA wrote back and said they were putting the collection on hold until they could validate it. I got a letter from Comcast today about the account with a CREDIT balance.

Will let you know how much more money I will get after I check my credit report ;)

Thanks to everyone. You are the greatest!

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