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True Credit or True Hassle?

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I read through different posts about bumpage and I thought it couldn't hurt since

I fill out the form on True Credit and they returned an e-response that I was unable to put my request through to call the customer service number.

So I phone them. The customer service rep asked me to validation a few questions and two were not correct i.e.: Do I live at a certain address and I said no. I never lived there...

TransUnion said it appears that someone pulled my credit in 2005 from freecreditreport.com I was left with the impression, is associated with TC and now they believe there has been some fraudulant activity on my report. So now they put an alert on my TransUnion report. A fraud alert is something I would have to request but everything seems to be mine. No activity gained from these two questions being wrong.

They told me that I will be unable to ever. They also said I will be unable to ever retrieve a report online. I have to have it mailed to me via post office.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening?? The bigger question is for me is, How can I bump my inquiries now? I signed up for Privacy Guard but they only refresh monthly.

Has anyone ever encountered any situation like this?

My ex could have pulled my report at the time I was going through a divorce but I don't think he would have done that. But there were two odd answers that "someone" inserted while trying to access my report.

I would have never chosen a user name that they stated - I have a few I always use being a PC applications developer for years and the password was WAY off.

Any steering would be appreciated.

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I put a fraud alert on my file as part of a problem I am dealing with. Immediately I lost access to the online systems. I called in and they did a verification and then let me in. so, it's strange that they say you can never get your credit report online. I have a big, ugly identity theft alert on my report and I check my report daily through TC.

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I signed up for Privacy Guard and can still see it there.

Glad to hear I'm not alone. I refused to put the fraud alert on there because I just didn't think anyone did anything with my credit.. if they could.. God Bless them because I wasn't able for a good while!

I did get another delete today!!

That's 3

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