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What is it with cards not piggy backing

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In the midst of credit repair, and trying to get some positive TL...... My DH is getting pre approved cards right and left, even if they are some of the crappy ones. He got one from juniper today, but they wont add me and report to my report too. They can add me, but they wont report pos TL for me. What is up with that?? why wont some do that? The only one we have found that does post BK7 is crap one..... :roll:


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Citibank will do it. I am an AU on someone's Citbank card it reports every month like clock work.

Any idea if Amazon Chase will do it? My g/f has a $5K limit on a 3-yo card with no lates. Actually, I pay it for her. When I met her, she couldn't get a gas card cause she had no credit. Now she has a score of 756, and I've been the one to pay all the bills for her. (She pays me back.)

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